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Mel Sanger is an international researcher/publisher with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level. He is a specialist researcher in the field of biblical eschatology more commonly known as the study of things to come. He and his team have been responsible for the research and creation of a number of online reports as well as a major weekly publication which is sent out to thousands of members each month. He was also the chief architect behind the Vision Report Watch (no longer in print).

The works are based on a number of primary sources including (but not limited to the following)

  The Original Writings of the Early Church Fathers
  Externalization of the Hierarchy
  Morals and Dogma
  The Christian Intelligence Scanner
  Royal Institute of International Affairs
  The Apocrypha
  The Islamic teachings of Hadith
  The Keys of Enoch
  The Secret Doctrine
  Ecumenical News International
  The Keys To This Blood
  Dallas Theological Seminary
  Christian Research Institute
  The Fabian Society
  The British UFO Association
  The Financial Times

As a pro-active teacher within the pentecostal, evangelical and baptist movements, Mel Sanger commonly heads workshops and studies that focus on the the study of end time prophecy, the new age movement and new technologies in the area of electronic payment processing and RFID chip technologies. With a strong fundamentalist background and avid believer in a pre-millennial second coming of Christ he has studied the area of bible prophecy for the last twenty five years.

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