5 blockbuster reports which break open the deception of how all areas of our culture and society are being conditioned and dumbed down to accept policies and initiatives which originate from the pit of hell.

Over 300 footnotes and references to assist you with further research in your ongoing pursuit for truth..

Names and shames those men and women and organizations that are spear heading falsehood under the umbrella of change and security.

Addresses previous events such as the European economic chaos, the consequences of the Arab spring (ISIS/Iran), Joel Osteen and the Mormon controversy and the UFO Phenomena.

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There’s nothing more interesting than the predictions of how the world will someday end. Many people have contributed various theories as to how this will come about, but none of them are pointing out the obvious: Google is going to be leading the charge towards our demise.

Something as seemingly innocuous as using a smart phone or search engine could have dastardly consequences as shadowy organizations collect personal data for purposes unknown to us. Isaac provides his theories on what precisely these NSA and other data mining programs could be used for: the digital hell prepared for us by the occult...

Discover the Google X secret society and Mark of the Beast symbolism that further justifies this peculiar theory. See how Ray Kurzweil will be the critical master mind in building this immortal realm for the Illuminati, and how they will fulfill their occult goals right under the noses of the apathetic and unsuspecting public.

The Tower of Babel is being built right before our eyes, only most of the public is asleep in the wheelhouse and doesn’t see it. Read this mini e-book and become aware of what is the battle for billions of souls worldwide…


Receive an outstanding compilation of over 85 articles on the spread of the occult in popular culture

The compilation is the most amazing but also shocking thing we have ever seen on this this topic and is monumental supplement to part 4 of your Antichrist Identity report, "Decoding the Messages".

Learn about pop culture symbolism of this bizarre topic through Katy Perry’s PRISM links and Lil Wayne’s admission to being an alien. Find out why Lady Gaga, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Google’s Sergey Brin were all groomed in the same environment and so much more.

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