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Gray State Confirms The Contents of the Antichrist Identity V

Fear of terrorism, fear of the end of the world happening soon, fear of lack of employment, fear of not believing that the police will aid you when needed, fear that someone can break into your house and if you injure them the law is not on your side.

Yet it is through fear that more electronic surveillance is being installed, it is because of fear why they are seeking to control the internet. It is because of fear why eventually the population will be convinced that microchip technology will be the new future of crime control.

Gray State is a disturbing confirmation of this.

My name is Mel Sanger, the author of this eagerly awaited, new unique release called the Antichrist Identity V. The research for this new publication is based on 24 months of study.

You may not be aware but this publication was supposed to have been launched some time ago. Unfortunately halfway through writing this report I became seriously ill and was advised by the doctors because of my medical condition to take early retirement.

However against their advice and the advice of many I decided to continue the completion of this project as I just wasn't able to live with myself knowing that I was unable to complete this project, especially at a time which is one of the most critical phases in the development of the antichrist new world order and one world government.

So I am thankful that this report is now complete and ready for you to download, but first I wanted to ask you something.

A Serious Question For You!

When you see the world tops scientists coming together on a major project to achieve the goal of having the ability to transfer the spirit (consciousness) of a human being to another human body do you simply shrug your shoulders and think this has no relevance. Furthermore with the EU committing hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Human Brain Project is there any significance to this?

Do you believe that major developments in the past such as the Arab Spring (i.e. the revolutions which took place across the Arab world like Libya, Egypt etc), the absolute chaos in the European Union with the bankruptcy of Greece, Italy, Portugal and the decision by the UK to leave are events that are totally unrelated?

What about the creation of the Tony Blair faith foundation, the implementation of socialist policies by now ex American president, Barack Obama, the vote by the United Nations against Israel and the building of settlements in the West Bank, the leak that several major research facilities are successfully creating unethical animal hybrids, the coming plans of a global body to regulate the internet, the Church of England slowly but surely seeking to confirm the acceptance of same sex marriages and Switzerland giving into pressure regarding its 100 year old banking privacy policies....

Do you believe that all of these events and many more that I could spell out are simply happening by chance?

Or are you a person who believes that there is some intelligent design behind everything that is going on around you in the news regarding the economy and politics.

When you switch on the TV and see the music being propelled by some of the world major music stars such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, does your TV have the special ability to slow down what you are watching by 90% so that you can see the hidden symbols that are flashing too fast for the human eye to be even aware of? If you were to see these symbols and then go to your local library and see these symbols in books associated with witchcraft and demonology would you simply shrug your shoulders and say its sheer coincidence.

You see the reason for the release of the Antichrist Identity V is that 98% of the population are living in ignorance. 98% of the population do not have any idea as to what is happening in today's world. Like sheep they simply do what they are told and accept what they see and hear.

And I am sure also where you personally have tried to present people with truth or tried to get people to think outside of the box about the real reason that specific events are happening you have been given the cold shoulder, or have been laughed at or looked upon as being someone weird or even been accused of being a possible danger to society. 

The Spirit of the Antichrist!

You see many people are talking about looking for the Antichrist and I can agree that I do believe that there will be a coming personal Antichrist. However there is also something called the spirit of the Antichrist and whether its politics, economics, music, hollywood, religion, science or the environmental agenda, the spirit of the Antichrist has infiltrated every aspect of society and has in one of the most lethal ways conditioned us to not even be aware of the changes taking place which are propelling us rapidly into the clutches of a one world government.

What is the Antichrist Identity V?

The Antichrist Identity V is the final part of a major series in which I will name the names of the people who are supporting this diabolical agenda. Not only names but also the organizations that have been set up specifically to carry us into a one world government dictatorship without people even realizing what is is happening before its too late.

There is so much information that you need to see that I have had to divide the report into the 5 following parts. Over 350 pages, 300 footnotes and 100 illustrations for what is a fascinating but heart wrenching journey in understanding the relevance of the world government agenda being rolled right now.

So lets take a look now at some examples of the features tackled in the Antichrist Identity V.

1. Foundation of Global Government (The Political Agenda)

Why has the European Union imploded over the last several years into economic turmoil? What does this mean for the future of Europe and the world economy? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 66)

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Are you aware that the United States is still controlled by Great Britain and the Crown? Who are these people controlling the United States who believe they are the descendants of King David? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 37)
What was leaked as the key objectives of the Bilderberger agenda several years ago? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 76)
What was happening across the Arab world during the overthrow of Gadaffi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt and revolutions and uprisings in other Arab states. What is the prophetic significance? Does this bode well for world peace? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 85)
Is it true that many of the new policies signed by the previous Obama administration shared a striking similarity to those policies that were the soul of the Soviet Union before the collapse of communism? Will Donald Trump have the power to overturn all of these socialist policies? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 80)

2. The Abolition of Privacy (The Privacy Agenda)

What is the future for free speech on the internet and how will groups such as Rema Marketing eventually be phased out by internet service providers? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 5)

How could UBS Warburg, one of the most powerful banks in the world cave in under pressure to the IRS and reveal the names of over 500 individuals in the US with offshore accounts in Switzerland. Why is it that within the next 3 years that offshore banking and banking privacy will be a thing of the past? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 17)
Previously the US government made a statement that they would scrap the Fairness Doctrine, a policy which could have killed off internet talk radio stations,  However why is this a smokescreen which is lulling talk radio stations into a false sense of security? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 23)

3. Super Technology and Dark Genetics (The Science/Paranormal Agenda)

Why is there so much significance attached to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany's fascination with the occult and UFO's? What happened to all of their research and findings after their defeat at the hand of the allies during World War II? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 5)


Is there such as thing as an inter-dimensional portal or a gateway between the physical realm and the realm of angels? A massive interview with a world authority who was involved with the secret US government stargate agenda! Addressed in Part 3: Page 36)
Did Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons really try to create the child of the devil? What is the link between their moonchild ritual, Rosemary's Baby and Avatar? Addressed in Part 3: Page 87)
Which particular form of Genetic technology is closely associated with the creation of the Antichrist? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 99)

4. Decoding The Messages (The Media Agenda)
How could innocent looking movies such as Sherlock Holmes and the Wizard of Oz actually be full of decoded occultic messages? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 5)

In what way has Hollywood tried to pervert the true history of freemasonry and the Illuminati so that we believe these are simply legends rather than actual fact? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 11)
If you have friends who closely follow many of today's music stars whether on MTV, American Idol, X Factor etc how do you believe they would react if you were to give them access to the video documentaries which come with this package so they could visually see the seductive dangers pointed out in this report? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 24)
Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce - What is the significance of them including the the symbol of the horned devil,  Baphomet and other occult messages in their music videos. Is this sheer coincidence or intelligent design? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 28)

5. Codex Alimentarius, The Green Religion and the Interfaith Agenda (The Religious/Ecology Agenda)
Why is Codex Alimentarius an incredible plot to wipe out the alternative therapy and alternative supplement market? What role and significance do the big Pharmaceutical cartels have in Congress? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 4)

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The Club Of Rome agenda to reduce the world population and promote Gaia principles has taken on a more aggressive tone over the last few years. Which individuals and companies are forcing its agenda through? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 22)
The big show stopper between Islam and Christianity is the theology of Jesus Christ so how can a one world religion truly emerge or is there an umbilical chord which could possibly unite Islam and Christianity? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 69)
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has previously kicked people off its airtime including Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, yet Joel Osteen who stated that Mormons were our Christian brothers is given all the airtime he needs. What is actually going on with the Crouch dynasty?  (Addressed in Part 5: Page 83)

What Makes This Report Different From Others!

Recently I was interviewed about this publication and asked what makes this different from other reports on the topic. My response was that there has literally been no report published this year which tackles the breadth of information in these reports. Many of the reports released over the last 24 months by others have been focused on the end of the world as scare tactics.

However, the Antichrist Identity V was written for serious people who don't want pages of regurgitated junk about how to take your family to some cave out in the desert with tins of imperishable food items and wait for the storm to blow over. This is serious stuff. We are talking here about things that will impact you, your children and grandchildren. We are talking here about the eternal  destiny of people being at stake. These are issues we cannot run away from or hide in a cave waiting for it to go away.

However because I believe 100% whole heartedly that people need to be empowered to do their own research that is why with this report you have over 300 footnotes to follow up on to check the sources of information that has been used to put this research together. It is vital that you understand that the things happening are really and honestly real.

We cannot prevent prophecy from being fulfilled but we can inform people so that they are not deceived by agreeing to things that could impact their eternity, safety, privacy or religious rights.

A Tribute from Reece Woodstock

Hi All. My name is Reece Woodstock and I used to be the Chief Editor for reports produced by Rema Marketing. I have known Mel Sanger for the last 10 years and I am deeply  saddened by the fact that he has had to take early retirement because he has been an incredible person to work with. His insights and ability to breakdown and explain the meaning of current events has been simply astonishing at times. He has my full recommendation. I was honored to review a pre release of the Antichrist Identity V and simply could not put the report down, especially Part 3. 

A Tribute from Kerry Davies

Hey All. I am Kerry and I have known Mel personally for the last 5 years. I used to be the administrator support for our members. It was Mel who helped me to understand that some of the programs I was making my kids watch were simply unsuitable. Mel has helped my eyes to be opened. Before I used to think a lot of this information was simply the work of over zealous religious nuts.  But over time I am thankful that the scales have been removed from my eyes and I have been able to see the sinister way in which a new world order is being rolled out. In my review of the pre-release, Part 4 was the most relevant because it really gives insight into the power of music and film to influence our youth today. Like Reece I am devastated that Mel his retiring but feel blessed to know him and his great work.

This is Your Choice!

There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this mammoth report. Surely something deep within your soul is aware that something is not right about what we are being fed on the news about the economy. Why is that one week you are told that the economy is experiencing growth and then the next minute you are told that the recession is worsening. One minute we are told about the threat of Islamic terror and then on the other hand we are told that as western nations we should be open to welcoming hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries. The yo yo effect of the media is creating significant fear within the population and it is fear which the global elite feed on.

Fear of terrorism, fear of the end of the world happening soon, fear of lack of employment, fear of not believing that the police will aid you when needed, fear that someone can break into your house and if you injure them the law is not on your side. Yet it is through fear that more electronic surveillance is being installed, it is because of fear why they are seeking to control the internet. It is because of fear why eventually the population will be convinced that microchip technology will be the new future of crime control.

We need to wake up so that we can be aware of these things and take a stand for what is right and support those in our political and educational system who are daring to be giants and go against the flow in shining the torch on exposing falsehood and delaying the global elite plans by reconnecting our nations to the importance of true prayer, the family unit, the importance of marriage and positive role models. Take your first step and be one of the 2% of the population who are seeking the alternative truth.

P.S. I promise you, you will not have seen anything as detailed as this report. It is by far the most comprehensive and detailed work that I have ever produced.
P.P.S. With the report you will also receive some fantastic additional special bonuses. so click the link below to find out more.

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Yours Sincerely


Mel Sanger
Author, The Antichrist Identity Report V

Click here for Details of How to Obtain the Report, Literally in Minutes.....


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