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German newspaper Die Zeit reports that other nations see German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leader of Europe. It writes: “Romano Prodi said that, in Europe, she is the ‘lady’ who makes the decisions, ‘and then the French president gives a press conference to explain them." “It is Germany,” writes Die Zeit, “that is playing the de facto leading role in Europe.”

Ultimately, Germany is responsible for toppling Greece’s democratically-elected government. Italy could be next. France is not leading the way out of the crisis. It’s struggling to avoid being part of the problem.

One should not be surprised about Germany’s role in bible prophecy. Berlin's Pergamon Museum exhibits ancient treasures such as the Pergamon Altar and Babylon's Ishtar Gate (known as the gates to hell). The museum's objective is to exhibit major cultures such as those of Egypt, Mesopotamia (Babylon), Greece and Rome. Historically the Pergamon Altar (built 2nd century BC) was dedicated to Zeus and the freeze under the altar represents the struggle of gods and giants. It was destroyed during the first century AD, but excavated by German archaeologists in the late 1800's and reconstructed in Berlin under the direction of Adolf Hitler whose Nazi party were heavily into the occultic teachings of Helen Blavatsky.

The fact that these archaeological treasures are now restored (and idolised) in Europe could be significant. In Roman times Pergamum (Pergamon) was the centre of the imperial religion, and Christ saw it as the seat of the power of evil i.e. "Satan's throne" (Rev 2.13). This is because the God-given power of the State had been harnessed to the blasphemous worship of man (the emperor), and those not loyal to the State were executed (Rev 2.13).

But what is more important than anything else discussed about Germany and the European Union is this...........

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