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One of the common questions concerning a one-world religion is this: “If the coming one-world false religion is characterized by tolerance and diversity how will the Muslims integrate into this system?”  Especially a system where the Vatican will be heavily influential along with other world leaders of faiths that are absolutely incompatible with Islam such as Hinduism, and Buddhism. Additionally for thousands of years there has been an ongoing struggle between Islam and Christianity from the time of the early crusades in Jerusalem up until the twenty first century where the Holy Jihad against the "so called" Christian West and Christian Zionism shows no sign of stopping.

It is also important to note that whilst Christianity has gone through so many changes over the centuries sprouting so many denominational offshoots and Christian cults, Islam has a much more linear history in terms of deviations. Obviously there is Sunni and Shiites as well as heretical offshoots such as the Bahai faith, Shrine freemasonry and the nation of Islam but for the most part the history of Islam is much more linear than Christianity.

So the question is how can a religion which is so monotheistic and self exclusive seek common ground with Christianity which also has a foundation of monotheism and self exclusivity. How can a religion which is so monotheistic that it allows no possibility for there to be a triune Godhead or for God to have had an eternal Son ever be reconciled with Christianity.

It is important to note that whilst a Christian presence in an apostate world religion would be one which would have long deviated from Christian orthodoxy, Islam see's Christianity as the same evil whatever the deviation of Christianity that is presented.

The answer: There needs to be a common denominator between Muslims and the one-world religion. This common denominator may very well surprise you.....

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